Organic Marketing Imagery

We are always endeavouring to keep up with the trends in marketing. To ensure our library of images are up to date and relevant to the issues of today we turned our minds to organic marketing and set out to create a set of images with kids engaging in organic play.

For clarity organic play refers to the surroundings, activities and materials the kids immerse themselves in.

Why  did we chose the subject of organic play?

Latino boy role playing in model van, homemade from a cardboard box
Latino boy role playing in model van, homemade from a cardboard box

The awareness of the hazards of environmental waste means more businesses than ever are turning to green practices. They strive to become environmentally responsible and they want to advertise this with organic marketing.  Therefore they need the visual images both still and motion, to engage their audiences.

Alongside this we thought about how kids play these days. With parents full schedules less time is being spent in outdoor unstructured activities.

Research shows that children are spending record amounts of time watching television and engaging in other media devices.

Caprisun embrace organic play in their marketing. 

HSBC use kids aspirational role play using organic materials and imagination.

How we produced and styled this shoot.

Two young latino boys playing in homemade cardboard aeroplanes in the park
Two young latino boys playing in homemade cardboard aeroplanes in the park

We abandoned the plastic, commercially produced toys and left the technology indoors and headed outside with organic materials, recycled materials, and repurposed items.

Cardboard boxes were rescued from the recycling bin and paper plates and lids from store cupboards became wheels and lights. Scarves, goggles and hats gathered from a rummage in a store of accumulated props. The kids wore their own clothes and ‘dressed up’ as pilots, racing drivers and superheroes using the props provided.

We took them to a great outdoor space available to everyone, the park, and let them race, run and fly! 

Location scouting



Location scouting for corporate portrait
Location scouting is a very important part of the process in the pre production stage of commercial photography. The right location can make or break the final product. Once the client has decided on the setting or scenery required for their location the search begins.

Location scouting for this job took us around the city of Norwich. The client was focussed on her decisions so we looked for large, bright, modern, glass expanses as a backdrop for a sophisticated corporate portrait.

With any location scouting certain factors have to be taken into account.

It must be aesthetically suitable as a location and available at a time to fit in with the shooting schedule. The financial cost has to be taken into consideration, the time taken on the location scout and any rental costs. Also consider the availability of parking and facilities for client, crew or talent with health and safety in mind. The availability of electrical power, available light and weather conditions are a huge factor when selecting suitable locations . Finally and most importantly permission from and cooperation of location owner.

Through local knowledge and research we visited three locations with the client. The first was eliminated due to poor light and availability. The second was not sophisticated enough. That left Norfolk Tower, a bespoke office space with a contemporary finish. Here we found many boxes ticked, the client’s request met. There was ample parking, bathroom facilities and electrical power. It was an indoor shoot so no concerns regarding weather.
A phone call to the owner gained permission and availability of the location then all was set for shoot to go ahead.

Four days in Spain






We flew London to Barcelona, leaving cold, wet UK and arriving to cool late afternoon sun that warmed our faces. Four days in Spain started in Barcelona after which we were location scouting the tree houses in Sierra del Montseny, 84 km (52 miles) from Barcelona,

To get to our hotel the plan was to use the Train and Metro system but we discovered the  airport bus cost €5.90. It took us to centre of the city . This proved a wise choice as we later discovered there is not much room on trains for luggage, which we had plenty of due to the photographic equipment.

A taxi took us from Plaza Espanya to our hotel for the night for €8.00.

My usual luck was still in abundance as having lost our booking the hotel upgraded us to the penthouse suite! This included a kitchenette and balcony. Well worth paying for if you want space and fresh air. The hotel was in a super area, around the corner from Las Ramblas, a short walk to the Mercado and the port, plus the Metro on the doorstep. Highly recommended.

Wednesday 29th

Temperatures warmed up so we enjoyed a stroll along Las Ramblas. We grabbed some breakfast and headed to the market.  I planned to photograph Anna shopping amidst the moving crowds. Unfortunately this was interrupted by the appearance of security. Tapping the tripod and the word ‘no’ was enough for me to understand using a camera with tripod was forbidden. My idea was to shoot using a long shutter speed, keeping Anna in focus but blurring background, thus stability of tripod was essential. With plan A shot to pieces we moved into the street to try the same thing. This time we did not get in trouble but found a ‘crowd’ slow moving and avoiding us! So tricky to get the effect I was after.

Location scouting

After lunch it was time to pick up a hire car, load up and head into the mountains for a couple of nights in a treehouse!
(Fantastic place to escape from the world, very clean, good food and friendly helpful staff. Very little English spoken which pleased Anna as she then HAD to practice her Spanish! )

Only 1 hour 20 mins drive north and inland from Barcelona but we watched in horror as the temperature gauge in the car plummeted from 23 degrees to 5 at the lowest!!
At the ‘cabanas’ it read 7.5, however we soon cosied up with the gas stove on. There was no electric or water in the tree house, everthing was organic and kind to the world. even the toilet was a bucket with a lid and a pot of sawdust. Use your imagination here! We spent the evening in the farmhouse with wonderful home cooked food and wifi!

Thursday 30th

Breakfast was preordered. Coffee, juice, breads and croissants were delivered to our cabana in a basket. It was tied to a rope which you hoist up then enjoy on the veranda or in bed. Looking out over the tree tops, in our case. We really chilled out today then took a hike around the mountain discovering sun and warmth on the south side sheltered from the breeze.

On Friday 31st we returned the hire car back in Barcelona. As we got closer the temperature rose dramatically. A very surreal experience. After four days in Spain we returned to London Gatwick on 4.55pm flight.